GDL Framework

To respond to this need for better integration and coordination of efforts to improve and implement GDL programs, a comprehensive GDL Framework has been developed to tackle the young driver problem. The GDL Framework was developed, with input from research, program, and policy experts as well as other stakeholders, to improve GDL programs and other safety programs and policies for young and new drivers.1

The GDL Framework consolidates evidence-based safety measures into an optimal GDL program. This GDL Framework is unique in that it proposes that driver education, licensing and testing requirements, as well as in-vehicle monitoring technology be integrated into an enhanced GDL program.

This GDL Framework is a formalized representation of best practices that has the potential to be efficiently and effectively incorporated into existing programs worldwide. The GDL Framework also provides tools and resources to provide states with the comprehensive know-how to coordinate action in their respective state and implement some or all of the GDL Framework components.

1Mayhew et al. 2014; Mayhew et al. 2016