Developing the evidence-based for the GDL Framework

The first phase of work involved a comprehensive review of research evidence that could inform the development of the GDL Framework. This involved the identification of the basic GDL features that have the greatest safety benefits, and reinforcing policies for basic GDL features. An extensive literature review was undertaken, and an environmental scan of young driver experts in relevant agencies in North America and abroad was conducted. The results of the literature review and environmental scan were synthesized and presented for discussion to an international expert panel. The findings and results were consolidated to develop and refine this comprehensive GDL Framework.

  • The literature review was composed from academic journals and published materials from various traffic safety organizations and resources covering any pertinent information and research related to the effectiveness and implementation of GDL, driver education, license testing/assessment, and in-vehicle monitoring technology for young and novice drivers across the globe.
  • The environmental scan was conducted to gather additional information from subject matter experts in the field of traffic safety. The purpose of the environmental scan was to identify the most recent research advancements to young and novice driver programs across jurisdictions that may not have otherwise been captured by conducting a literature review alone. Seven items relating to the experts’ knowledge of completed or on-going enhancements to young and novice driver programs were asked. All responses were systematically compiled into a single source which was then used to further develop the GDL Framework.
  • A two-day panel workshop involving international experts was convened to discuss the results and augment initial drafts of the proposed GDL Framework. This included an in-depth guided discussion of the rationale and best practices for various components related to young and novice driver programs, as well as ways to best integrate them into current GDL systems. The outcomes of this panel discussion served to further develop and refine the GDL Framework.