Developing an implementation strategy for the GDL Framework

The second phase of this initiative focused on establishing a strategy to implement the GDL Framework. The objective was to provide states with important contextual information to guide the planning, development and implementation of some or all of the features of the GDL Framework.

Creating the implementation strategy involved two key steps, similar to the steps in the previous phase.

  • An environmental scan was completed regarding the recent initiatives to enhance GDL and teen driver safety in the United States and Canada.
  • A one and a half-day symposium was convened involving a broad cross-section of practitioners and other stakeholders from the private sector. Attendees were first introduced to the GDL Framework, and contributed to discussions regarding the individual components. Then, a smaller subset of attendees participated in an expert panel to finalize the top recommendations regarding which components from the GDL Framework had the greatest potential to be implemented.

    The results of the environmental scan and symposium were synthesized to develop a practical implementation strategy that could guide state initiatives to implement one or more components of the Framework.