Current implementation status

  • Fifty of the 51 U.S. jurisdictions currently have night driving restrictions. While these restrictions are popular, in many jurisdictions they do not take effect until very late: midnight in 17 jurisdictions, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin; 12:30 am in two states, Iowa, Massachusetts; and 1 am in five states, Alaska, Missouri, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Washington.
  • The following 13 states have restrictions beginning at 10 pm or earlier: Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Idaho, Michigan, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and West Virginia. In Idaho the night restriction starts at sunset and ends at sunrise; in South Carolina it takes effect at 6 pm until 6 am EST and 8 pm until 6 am EDT.
  • Typically, these night restrictions also acknowledge specific exemptions to allow for activities deemed essential by jurisdictions, usually related to work, school activities in some cases, and a variety of other activities, such as medical emergencies. Too many exceptions, however, might negate the benefits of these restrictions and make the law difficult to enforce.